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The Raggle- Snatchers

Based on the true stories from the story world of Diamond Alice, The Raggle-snatchers is an IGTV short docudrama, produced as a co-pro with Aston Productions.

Writer/Producer: Emily Isaacs

Director/Producer: Jo Southwell

Building on the story world of Diamond Alice, The Raggle-snatchers is a series of shorts looking at the lives of the women in the gang  and the men around them - Mary Crane, Alice Diamond, Maggie Hughes, Gert Scully, Aunt Lizzie, DS Beard, lawyer Geoffrey Lancelot Hardy and others. 


The Diamond Alice story world is an exciting biopic that centres around feminism, the extremes of poverty that lived across the river from the Houses of Parliament, and a whirlwind drama about family, loss, social mobility, inequality and justice.

'The Raggle-snatchers is a series of docudrama shorts on the gang, being produced for IGTV.

Both projects have recently been optioned by Aston Productions, the latter as a co-pro with SWP, so for more information, on the pilot script, please contact Aston Productions here.

To support the Diamond Alice story world, please see our patreon page, or join our mailing list.  

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