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The Chased

A group of artists fleeing for their life get caught hiding by the owner of a bar. Will he let them live or turn them into the authorities?

Producers: Emily and  Gino Isaacs,

Greg Draven, Chris Martin, Orla Phipps

Writer: Emily Isaacs

Directors: Emily  and Gino Isaacs



Steve Nicolson as Ash

Viv Berry as Natasha

Greg Draven as Brian

Calum Speed as Luke

Fenia Gianni as Zoe

The Chased is a dystopian drama short film that centres on the emotional importance of music and art and how it can connect strangers.

Nominated for Best Original Score by the London Shorts Festival and Winner of Best Soundtrack from the Europe Film Festival. 

Completed March 2021. Release: 2021

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